Education & Learning

- Jeff Jarvis
1.We need efficiency in education. Do what you do best, link to the rest.

2. Student must be the starting point not the teacher (lecturing). "What do you think we should teach you?" We use tests to find out if they get it right what we taught them. Tests should be used to find out what they do not know and what they need to know. We tell them the answers, before they ask.

3. In the age of social media, jurnalist should not re-create, they should collaborate, add to mass media, improve it.
4. In the age of distributed information and knowledge base, do we need university, school or newspaper?
Google did not come from a lecture. It came from imagination.
5. Shift of future task: creating and controlling content and managing scarcity to curating people and content and creating abundence of teachers and students. anyone can teach and everyone can learn. What we do now, we sell scarcity.
6. Stop standardized testing and teaching. Today education is a product instead of a process.
7. Ideally, there should be Distributed Oxford+tutor, mistakes are the goals showing you tried something. Life is a beta. Google's 20% rule to make something novel. Instead of a diploma, it should be your own portfolio to show your abilities and thoughts. School is not a factory but an incubator, schools help students to create what they want to create. Google helps people to do what they want to do. Facebook is "elegant organization".
8. Pull out and enable the threads of discussion and the learning.